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The company was founded by Vaidhya Badri Prasaad ji ( Ayurvedacharya ) on 1st January,1963. After completing his degree in ayurveda he launched his first Nirman shala. After constant efforts and research he came up with some of the most effective herbal products.Very soon he came to be known as the best ayurvedic physician in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With the success of these products in the local markets, he introduced Maharshi Badri Pharmaceuticals internationally. "Best medical treatment".These are:

It should have the best preventive measures for diseases by way of mental, personal and public hygiene.

It should eradicate the disease from its root and should not allow any relapse and recurrence.

The drug should cure the disease as quickly as possible but should never cause any side – effects, toxic effects or complications.

Current status
Mr. Sanjay Jalandhra, S/O Vaidhya Badri Prasad (Ayurvedacharya) took the ownership of the company in the year 1997. Ever since the Company's inception, it has focused on developing safe, natural and innovative remedies that will help people lead a richer and healthier life. Maharshi Badri Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to providing the highest quality and consistency in herbal care. It has the widest range of products in India. Our reach

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Femina Plus

Number One Tonic For Women's
Contains Shatavari, Ashok, Chandan, Shilajeet, Mandoor Bhasma

  • Regulates All Types of Menstrual Problems
  • Prevents Leucorrhoeal Disorders
  • Improves General Gyanae Health
  • Reduces Backache and Pain in Lower Abdomen
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Hair Gainer & Hair Protector

Maharishi Badri Delta Hair Oil

  • Useful in hair falling, premature hair, dandruff, stress, insomania & hair loss.
  • Very efficacious in atrophied roots of hair & for other hair problems.
  • Other herbs help restore vigour and vitality to your hair.
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Let The Skin Breathe

Maharishi Badri Skin Care Face Wash

Useful for skin disease such as skin Hyperpigmentation, Pimples, Infections etc.

  • Relieve Acne-Pimples
  • Protection against infection.
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Pain Killer

An ayurvedic pain & sprain reliever
Contains nilgiri, lawang, guggul satva & mahavishagarbha oil

  • Relieves Pain Due to Arthritis
  • Acute and Chronic Joints Pain Reliever
  • Soothes Frozen Shoulder, Stiff Neck & Muscular Pain
  • Relieves Sprain and Spasms
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Supports Healthy Growth of Children

Maharshi Badri Baby - 9 Syrup

Baby - 9 Syrup is effective in poor digestion, colic , gripes and abdominal discomfort. Also useful in teethning problems

  • Relive gripes and abdominal discomfort.
  • Fights poor digestion and increase appetite.
  • Supports teethning and growth.
  • Helps relive colic pain.
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